Staying fit is a challenging task, especially for beginners who have yet to adapt to a regular workout and nutrition plans.

Out of the millions of New Year’s resolutions to get fit, only a small percentage of those people achieve their goals, which is due to several factors such as the lack of proper guiding, motivation, and a personalized plan.

For years, researchers investigated the best ways to keep people chasing after their fitness goals and found that one effective approach is to follow external programming.

If you’re not familiar with this concept, it primarily revolves around the power of suggestion, which is a psychological theory that advocates for the use of your brain’s susceptibility to transform suggestions into reality.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use the power of suggestion to improve your fitness and reach your goals faster.

External programming in the fitness field

In the world of psychology, expectations are key to determining the outcome of a certain event.

Experts explain this process by making unconscious changes to your behavior and responses, which eventually aid in realizing that outcome.

As you can probably guess, this could have an unwanted impact if you’re subject to many negative experiences and thoughts.

One major way to use the power of suggestion to your favor is by utilizing a photo of yourself when you were fitter or the photo of your favorite fitness model.

You can print the photo as a poster and stick to the wall of your room or make it a screensaver on your phone. To optimize this effect, try to include the photo in many places at the same time to increase your exposure.

Another example would be to choose a password (for your different accounts) that’s suggestive of your next goal.

For instance, if you want to lose 10 lbs. by November the 15th, you could select the following password: 10lbsNov15

While this may not seem like it’s going to make any difference, your subconscious mind will receive this input as a suggestion of a future outcome. Consequently, your behavior, training, and diet will change to augment the chances of realizing this outcome.

However, you should also prepare yourself for other outcomes to avoid disappointment. You see, a fixed mindset tends to take failure personally and eliminates any room for improvement. As a result, you’ll become limited and prone to giving up.

Instead, try to keep an open mind about the possible outcomes that could arise from this situation and consider the power of suggestion as a tool to help you get closer to your goals rather than the only way to achieve them.

As you become more adapted to flexible thinking, you will learn, grow, and improve every aspect of your life, including your physique and fitness level.

Takeaway message

The power of suggestion is an extremely influential concept that could either improve or worsen your life, depending on how you use it.

Hopefully, this article managed to introduce this concept in an easy way and allowed you to see how to use it in your favor.

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Featured Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels