Stephanie Sanzo was born on April 2, 1987. She lived a no-exercise life until getting fit when she was 19. Stephanie weighed around 47 kilograms after losing weight when her son was born. She realized that if she didn’t change her eating habits, she would be obese. She started to grab a dumbbell, ask for a personal trainer. Her life has been changed gradually.

Imagine having a pelvic prolapse, and despite what happened, she looks for new ways to stay fit. Her first competition was a success. She switched to a strict diet and “hard-core” training. After that, she continued competing at minor shows for the next three years. Shortly after, she decided to break from the competitive lifestyle, as a constant low-calorie and strict diet ruined her health. Another challenging part as a mom of 2 minor children.

Stephanie decided to start coaching clients, and that change had shifted her training style. Stephanie used to compete in powerlifting and strength training competitions, but she had to give that up and now does powerlifting and strength training for her clients.

Advice from the Fit Mom

= Stephanie Sanzo on an Instagram post showing her workouts. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that lifting light weights will help you tone your muscles. Stephanie says the only way to tone your muscles is by lowering your body fat and lifting heavy.

Stephanie doesn’t do cardio, “ that it’s unnecessary if the diet is clean”. According to her, it can also eat away muscle mass. During preparation for an upcoming competition, she had to do some cardio to burn the last few pounds of fat by 20-minute cardio sessions using a treadmill.

Stephanie likes sumo squats for glute and adductor development. She also believes that shoulders are the best variation and would like to have more lats and delts.

Check her Instagram account for updates @stephaniesanzo. She has 2M followers on Instagram, 2400+ followers on Twitter, and 1.3M on Facebook.

Featured Photo by Stephanie Sanzo from Instagram