Elliot Burton is an American fitness professional model with massive followers on social media. He shares his fitness and motivational videos on YouTube and other social media channels such as Instagram (@elliotbfit) with 596,000+ followers.

=Elliot showing his routine. Posted on Instagram on August 15, 2021.

He has amassed a global following and has attracted the attention of major brands. His style and personality are as captivating as his images and fitness training videos.

According to Elliot,  his focus has always been on mastering my training, nutrition, and overall health and fitness field knowledge. He shares his profound knowledge and experience in helping thousands of people achieve their fitness goals every day. He promotes his application alongside with intent to help by an online training coach. Check out his Instagram!

Elliot Burton has shared the secret to how to achieve ripped abs from the comfort of your home: food and exercise. Readout his tips if you’re overeating or don’t have the time or money to get to the gym.

It’s time to work on your overall fitness regime with some of these ab exercises. You don’t need a gym 192membership to get a killer six-pack!

There are many ways to work your abs and get a six-pack. The most important thing to remember is to keep things varied and never do the same exercise routine for more than three weeks. Remember that the lower abs are often neglected, so reverse crunches and bicycle crunches are a must.

Planks and leg raises are two exercises that can burn out your abs. You should try to include both of them in your routine.

The side plank can be a beneficial exercise for your core and shoulder muscles, as well as your endurance. Suppose you can maintain the correct form, control your breathing, and take your time exercising. In that case, you are sure to see maximum results in a shorter amount of time.

Featured Photo by ELLIOT BURTON (@elliotbfit)  from Instagram