Hidilyn Diaz, a soldier for the Philippine Army, was the first Filipino to win an Olympic gold medal. Although she’s still a soldier, she’s been able to find success in weightlifting.

In 2007, she won the bronze medal in the SEA Games in Thailand. She won two golds and one silver at the Asian Youth/Junior Weightlifting Championship in South Korea. She competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Hidilyn Julie Diaz is a Filipino weightlifter and 2-time Olympic medalist. She won the silver medal in the 53 kg weight class and the 55 kg weight class gold medal.

Hidilyn Diaz and her winning moment, @hidilyndiaz, posted on Instagram on August 11, 2021.

Although she had a degree in computer science, Diaz found it challenging to pursue a degree in computer science. She switched to pursuing a degree related to sports and was in a Philippine Air Force uniform.

Diaz competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and broke the Philippine record for the snatch, clean and jerk, and total in the 58-kg weightlifting class. She placed second to last in a field of 12 weightlifters, but her performance was considered promising for her age.

We can see that in the 2012 London Olympics, Diaz was the flag bearer during the Opening Ceremony. Diaz was victorious in lifting 97 kg in the snatch, but she failed to lift 118 kg in the Clean and Jerk event.

Numerous years had passed, and she continues to fight for the title. Being stranded is no reason to give up. Diaz battled mental breakdowns and COVID-19, but she still qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Now she is hailed as the First Ever Weighlifting Gold Medalist from the Philippines, lifting 127 kilograms.


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Featured Photo by Hidilyn Diaz  from Instagram