Many people with a passion for fitness can turn their hobby into a career. One of the most popular fitness influencers of the world with 7.8 million followers, Simeon Panda, started his career on Instagram. He became successful by blogging and coaching workouts and eventually turned his success into a full-time career.

= Simeon Panda showing his love for exercise. Posted on Instagram @simeonpanda August 14, 2021

Simeon is a successful entrepreneur who has competed in bodybuilding shows and judged them as well. He was known for his clothing brand and sportswear company “Just Lift.”

When Simeon was 16 years old, he was looking to improve his strength and overall size. His very muscular friend told him he had bought some weights and would do his workouts at home. Simeon purchased a set of weights with no delay.

His best advice

If you want to pack on size, Simeon advises that you do a warmup set before lifting heavy. Your body is in crucial needs time to grow and repair the muscle damage done by lifting weights. You’ll want to cycle your routine every so often to avoid being static.

Additional wisdom words from Panda are Squats, bench press, and deadlifts, the three best exercises for building muscle. To gain the most strength, it is vital to do all three of these exercises.

Simeon’s diet is very rigorous, so much so that he’ll walk, treadmill, or even go on the step machine if he needs to cut a little more fat. His diet is so rigorous that it’ll get you to the point where cardio won’t be necessary.

Here it’s like to be on a diet like Simeon’s and what his daily diet looks like. He eats a lot of chicken, fish, red meat and loves vegetables. His diet is clean all year round, allowing the occasional cheat meal to keep him satisfied.

Featured Photo by Simeon Panda  from Instagram