As we all know, meditation is the process of calming down our body, mind, and soul. Practicing meditation consistently can help us keep our body and mind calm and at peace. In addition, if we look into the evident impacts of meditation on our brain health and performance, people who practice it tend to have a better ability to maintain focus and critical thinking. Having said that, people more commonly consider practicing meditation nowadays, either as a means of reducing stress, improving concentration, attaining emotional balance and stability, or simply achieving mental and physical harmony and peace.

But did you know that meditation can also affect other cognitive functions of our brain?

Here’s How:

Ever since meditation has been introduced into the world, and followed by more and more people, what has remained constant is the emergence of new benefits of meditation. Over time, we have seen the rise of new medically approved health benefits that can be availed through the consistent practice of meditation.
In relevance, the recent scientific study on meditation also proves that its practice has the potential to slower our mental aging process and improve cognitive function. Following this study, multiple pieces of research held on the same topic proved the authenticity and effectiveness of meditation on our body’s cognitive functions, including the one held by the University of California – San Francisco as well as one study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Another detailed study that involved more than 18 years of MRI scans of a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master named Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche proved that practicing intensive meditation daily helped slow down our brain’s aging to as much as eight years.


If we look into the beneficial impacts of meditation on the human body, mind, and soul over the years, there’s no denying that people who practice meditation daily enjoy plenty of health benefits in life as compared to the ones that don’t. and with recent research and studies, it is now also impactful for slowing down our brain’s aging.

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