Enough with the Excuses

When people quit exercising, they usually say that they are too busy to do it.

Many people have valid excuses for not exercising, but some are excuses just for the sake of giving a reason. There is no one size fits all exercise. The excuses not to exercise are as different as the person giving them. What is essential to understand is that the only person who will suffer from the excuse is the person giving it. Excuses debilitate and disempower one’s self. The truth is that there is no excuse that is valid for everyone. It takes a determined individual who is committed to themselves to make excuses not relevant. From recognizing when you are making an excuse to find activities that you’ll enjoy participating in a fitness activity that you’ve never tried, there are many ways to get back on.

Attempt a Fresh Approach

What are some ideas to have a good time with a friend? Try walking together, dance lessons, doubles tennis, ping-pong, or taking a fitness class together. If interruptions happen, be supportive of your friend. Have a mix of activities and keep it up.

Step One: Assess the situation. Before walking up to a person who hates exercising, figure out why they dislike it. If they are simply too busy, then make them feel like they still have time for it. If they say it’s not fun, then make it fun. If they are put off by a smelly gym, give them tips for finding the best smelling gym possible.

Step Two: Approach the person and introduce yourself. When approaching the person you want to get to know, first introduce yourself. You want to find out what their name is and if you will be in contact with them, what their email address is. You should mention some of your inspirational and fun doing activities.

Share the Benefits of Getting in Shape

Find a friend and try any of these fun things together. Join a fitness class, learn new stretches, and try an activity you’ve never done before. Exercising with friends and being a great form of socialization has some benefits that work to improve and maintain a healthy body. Exercising with friends has several advantages. First, it’s a great form of socialization. It’s beneficial for the body and the mind to interact with others socially. You’ll be in an environment that is focused on activity and engagement by social interactions.

Remain Positive

Achieving an upbeat workout can be challenging, especially if you’re constantly fighting with your body to get it to do what you want. Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive in the face of a long workout, but a positive mindset is a key to accomplishing your goals. Here are just a few things that might help you remain positive in workouts:

-Don’t compare yourself to other people.

-Keep your eyes on the prize.

-Focus on the things you do successfully.

-Don’t put undue pressure on yourself.

-Stay patient with yourself and know that it’ll be worth it in the end.

With a positive mindset, you’ll find that you’re able to accomplish everything. It is the power of the mind – and the help of a friend.


Featured Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels