Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

Like people think smoking wouldn’t be good for their health, it’s not until people are put in the situation to find out that they need to be fit to have a healthy pregnancy. Not only does being fit help during the pregnancy, but it’s a lifestyle that should be maintained after the pregnancy as well.

Exercise and being active are crucial for both your physical and mental health. Exercise will help you stay healthy and feel your best while pregnant. Consider some exercises, such as preventing gestational diabetes, relieving stress, and building stamina for labor and delivery.

Common Exercises and Activities – Is it safe?

A healthy body during pregnancy is crucial in the early stages. Activities such as walking and bicycling are great ways to maintain healthy blood circulation and lower the risk of blood clots. Even though light workouts are typically good for pregnant women, heavy lifting is not advised, so refrain from picking up boxes or any heavy objects.

How much exercise needed

If you are pregnant, you need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. This is important to keep your body healthy and fit for the baby. When you’re physically active, drink lots of water, and stop your activity if you have any of these signs or symptoms: Bleeding or fluid leaking from the vagina, Chest pain, fast heartbeat or trouble breathing, Feeling dizzy or faint, Headache, Muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and other similar symptoms that may lead to death.

When is it safe?

It’s always the best idea to talk to your health care provider before starting an exercise routine during pregnancy. If you feel healthy, then you won’t be risking anything by exercising during pregnancy. Remember: Exercise won’t increase your risk of having a miscarriage, premature baby, or baby born with low birth weight.

Featured Photo by lucas Favre onUnsplash