Cassey Ho is a highly successful fitness instructor who founded Blogilates. The Cassey Ho-branded blog is tasked with keeping followers in touch with Cassey Ho’s personal fitness tips, favorite recipes, and beauty routines.

Cassey Ho has created the perfect balance of a successful fitness business by being passionate and inspiring others. She has used her speaking skills in public and teaching to create the ideal balance of a successful fitness business – even on Youtube. Cassey is dedicated to helping people find an active lifestyle to feel energetic, confident, and connected to their bodies. Cassey trains 1 million followers between her TV show, website, and social media outlets, which have garnered her numerous awards, such as Best Fitness Professional in the Social Media – Individual Category at the 29th Annual International Fitness Awards

Incorporating the ideal items in workouts and her idea as a designer, Cassey Ho made her way to Target. She is currently designing and selling her POPFLEX Active line at Target stores. Ho is best known for her signature vegan yoga mats, which are now available in a whole range of colors. She also offers a range of fitness equipment, including resistance bands, booty bands, water bottles, and dumbbells. The prices of her equipment range from $10 to $40.Ho shares her story of how she went against her instinct to not have her face on the Target collection because she realized that her fans will hate it. And, we’re glad she did.

Regarding race representation, Cassey Ho hopes that other girls of color can see through her fashion line that they can be anything they want to be.

If you’re looking for inspiration in the fitness industry, look at Cassey Ho’s website!

Featured Photo by Casey Ho  from Instagram