During this coronavirus pandemic, our daily routines have been restricted, and it’s actually difficult to find some motivation to do exercise. The limited or no access to fitness facilities and working from home has made it difficult to stick to a workout routine.

Like me, you will be missing your gym. Swimming laps or hiking with your friend’s groups. But you know what, it is essential to stick to fitness routine during this period because it’s not what “you want to” but “you should.”

During this pandemic, many people are financially struggling and are jobless and can’t think about their health as a priority but remember that this small effort will make you active but mentally healthy to think about your problems.

Daily exercise will help you ease your stress, anxiety, and pain and help manage your chronic conditions like diabetes and blood pressure. During this pandemic, exercise will help you get a hood control over your body. You can see the improvement in your mood with some easy home workouts mentioned below.

Make a workout plan to stay motivated

Whether you are unemployed and struggling financially or working at home, it is absolutely not a time to make a whole new challenging fitness plan for yourself. To set your fitness goals, it is important to have a detailed look at your energy levels, time availability, health concerns and set some reasonable goals.

The vital rule that helps us stick with our fitness plan is starting with a small step, building up gradually, and celebrating after every success.

Mostly, the people who stick to their daily fitness routines prioritize their fitness routines in the same way they give to their office work. It’s vital to take proper care of your health in the same as you are giving proper attention to your work.

Morning time workout helps you all day, but if you cannot exercise in the morning, set a time according to your timetable. But in my opinion, it is not difficult to grab 20 minutes for yourself.

Many people say out loud about their fitness plans; it helps them to stick to their routine. Because you know your friends can ask you about your workout, and you are less likely to skip your sessions this way. You can also set a time with your friend to do a workout together on a video call. It will not only support you but will also encourage you.

Best Workouts during COVID-19

Physical distancing and staying home can protect you from getting the coronavirus infection. But to slowing this coronavirus spread, it doesn’t mean to give up on your fitness routine because there are several exercises you can easily do at home.
Here are the best 10 exercises to do at home during the lockdown.
⦁ Yoga
At the time of uncertainty and stress, your controlled breathing followed by yoga’s slow movement can help with your anxiety and physical tension. Here are some simple yet effective yoga moves:
⦁ Start with the child pose, bend your knees under your chest and your torso and head down.
⦁ Extend the legs out in a downward-facing Dog position and push on to the hands. Adjust the body in the form of an inverted V by keeping your hips in the air.
⦁ Between your hands, move your one leg forward in a way that your knee is bent, your foot flat on the ground, and your hands are on either side of your foot.
⦁ Straighten your back leg by pivoting your back foot at an angle of 45 degrees; raise your upper body and arms.
⦁ Extend your one arm in front of the body and the other on the back.
⦁ Repeat the entire procedure by switching the sides.
Yoga is not only for adults. Anyone can take advantage of it, whether an older adult or the youngest child in your family.
You can get access to unlimited yoga techniques on social media and can try them easily at home.
2. Bodyweight exercise
Bodyweight exercises give the same benefits that the expensive gym equipment gives. Here are some simple bodyweight exercises for you.
⦁ Try lunges
Bend your knee while taking a long step forward, and make sure that your front knee is not passing your toe. Repeat the same process. On the other hand, Side lunges begin with a step sideward, and with a backward step, make the reverse lunges. These lunges are easy to do, especially the side lunges.
⦁ Squats
Do 2 to 3 steps of squats; try to increase the sets and repetitions with time. Start the exercise by standing straight then dropping your buttocks backs by bending your knees for a sitting position. Some people find it a way easier by keeping a ball in between their knees.
⦁ Master the push-ups
If you are first time trying push-ups then start by keeping your knees down on the ground. Besides, if you are a push-up expert, you can try a one-handed push-up.
⦁ Planking
Planking is the best exercise to make your abs strong. Firstly lie on your stomach and then push up onto your forearms in a way that your elbows are bent. Work upon this exercise to make your hold stronger.
⦁ Weightlifting
For weightlifting, it isn’t essential to have expensive gym equipment or weights. If you don’t have weight, then you can use heavy-weight objects, cans, or books. Try to adjust these bodyweight exercises into your daily exercise routine. With time incorporate lunges and squats with weight in your hands. You can also try shoulder presses, bicep curls, and triceps extensions.
Firstly, to bench press with each weight, lie on your back by pushing the weight up in your hands. Try out a different exercise by extending your arms down, out, and to the sides after pressing the weights up.
4. Online exercise programs
Many people reading this article may not know about some exercise and want to have a complete video or instruction to design their exercise plan for themselves. In that case, there are many exercise programs available online that can help you. These programs offered videos and audio for complete guidance.
These programs are for starters and people who are already skillful in some exercising routines. In this pandemic, many local gyms have coveted online programs.
5. Gardening
During this quarantine period, many people are willing to increase their self-sufficiency. Luckily people who have a garden is the best way to have a healthy and uncontaminated way to get plenty of exercise.
Gardening offers plenty of ways to get a good workout, whether digging holes for planting or pruning flowers. If you are a complete beginner, start with the things you like to grow, like herbs and tomatoes. Besides, these are easy to grow.
If you are a parent, then you can also get your kid in it by giving them a hose and a dirt bucket to play with. Kids will surely make a mess, but in this way, you can give them a break from their indoor life.
6. Outdoor Sports
You can safely enjoy your outdoor sports if you have a yard that is about 6 feet distance from public areas like sidewalks or parks. You can enjoy playing four squares by drawing a square on your flat driveway or can install badminton net in your backyard.
Most outdoor sports need no specific skills or expensive equipment. Here are some best options for you:
⦁ Baseball or Wiffleball
⦁ Playing frisbee
⦁ Hide and seek
⦁ Soccer goal and its related games
⦁ Play with your kids by drawing a hopscotch board
7. Family walks
Going for a walk is completely safe as long as you maintain the social distancing of 6 feet or more from another person. To follow this rule, it is vital to avoid crowded places. If you want to go hiking, select the hours during which there are fewer people out, and you can maintain social distancing.
If your local government rules permit you, you can take your kids and dog for a short walk. Walking will not only keep you healthy and active but also offers a change in environment and scenery. If you have cabin fever, then daily walks can benefit you in changing your mental health.
8. Cycling
If you are maintaining all social distancing rules, then bicycling is the best way to spend your leisurely time. People who are already fond of cycling can better understand how it helps you cope with your anxiety that we all are facing during this pandemic.
9. Dancing
Most of us don’t enjoy exercise and quit it. But you know what it is absolutely possible to get a cardiovascular workout during your enjoyment. So what are you waiting for? Turn on your music, increase the volume, jump, and dance till you get tired. That’s a great way to enjoy and do some work out as well.
10. Increase your activity
For maximum people staying at home actually means very less activity. As we are no longer going to offices, grocery stores, malls, and many other places we were used to going.
This quarantine has made us sit still for hours, especially for the people who don’t have kids, pets and likes to spend time watching movies. This lifestyle is affecting health and can result in many diseases and health problems.
Here are a few working tips that can help you in increasing your overall activity.
⦁ Walk around your house every hour to do some simple housework.
⦁ While working from home, invest in a standing counter or maybe a desk.
⦁ When you talk with your friends or family on the phone, keep walking rather than sitting in one place for hours.
⦁ Try to do some simple exercises like squats, pull-ups, or anything you like.
End words – How much exercise do you need?
During this pandemic, it is vital to know that something is absolutely better than nothing. Walking around will stretch your legs and will make you a little more active. Besides, your daily walk can inspire you to walk a little further the next day.
For adults, it is recommended that they must have a 150-minute moderate activity every week or maybe 75 minutes in case of vigorous activity. It’s wonderful if you are breaking it up. You can get the same benefit from three 10 minute workouts or two 15 minutes work out. You can include the warm-up and cool down time in tour work out – and moderate activities like gardening in this period.